Slazenger Ikon Hockey Stick Adults
Цена: 518 грн.
Kookaburra Glow Hockey Stick
Цена: 778 грн.
Kookaburra Fury Hockey Stick
Цена: 340 грн.
Slazenger Astra Hockey Stick Junior
Цена: 647 грн.
Slazenger Panther Hockey Stick Junior
Цена: 550 грн.
Slazenger Flick Hockey Stick Adults
Цена: 680 грн.
adidas X24 Core7 Hockey Stick Juniors
Цена: 810 грн.
Slazenger Aero Hockey Stick Junior
Цена: 1490 грн.
Магазин Slazenger Ikon Hockey Stick Adults

Slazenger Ikon Adult Hockey Sticks

This Slazenger Ikon Adult Hockey Stick is crafted from a wooden construction that features a cushioned taped grip to provide you with better comfort and hold of the stick to allow you a better game and shot accuracy. 

> Hockey stick 
> Wooden construction 
> Cushioned grip handle 
> Slazenger branding 

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